Friday, October 12, 2012


I will be occasionally posting reviews and impressions up here, in general they are just my thoughts and opinions. I am not aiming to always keep the tone neutral, there are plenty of professional game sites for that, seek them out.
I also will not always play a game to completion before a review is published, if I know how fun it is I'll say so (I'm often of the mind that if you get a strong start sometimes the end doesn't matter) and if it's that bad I don't need to see all 20 hours to tell you it's bad.
Unlike professional reviews I will add suggestions and point out shortcomings. I'll also taken a leaf from Kotaku and instead of a score provide a yes/no system recommending a game (or not)

Look out for reviews in the near future, I might start with a favorite terrible game.

Stay tuned.

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