Sunday, October 7, 2012


Well here is the obligatory apologies follow up… If you didn’t like my choices well tough really.
Half-life as I kicked of this series by saying it’s just never a series that hooked me. Maybe it was the motion sickness but I just personally could not include it.
Warcraft was a bit of contentious one. This was around the first RTS game I ever played and it was awesome, if it was a top 12 list it may just have made it.
I apologise for the games in series that didn’t make it. Diablo could have and would have, as would San Andreas and possibly any Mario game, especially 3, which is the pinnacle of gaming, in my opinion of course, but the original as the first game I EVER played I just couldn’t go past.
Zelda, well here’s a shocker I’ve never played a Zelda from start to finish they just never hooked me. I like them enough, now my experience is greatly increased from even 12 months ago but any Zelda would still struggle to make a top 50 let alone my 11.
Final Fantasy not making it as a series may seem somewhat controversial but truth be told I’ve only completed I and XIII and those are hardly worth against those that made it, oh and VII doesn’t hold up very well, deal with it fanboys.
The original Monkey Island I hate that I had to leave this out. As far as I am concerned this is the pinnacle of adventure gaming. As much as I wanted I couldn’t find room for it.
Also Broken Sword 2, in particular from that series was a shame to leave out.
More recent games that failed to make it that may stand the test of time include Borderlands (this really satisfies my loot addiction), Diablo 3 (probably still wouldn’t edge out 2), Crusader Kings 2 (by virtue of satisfying my penchant for open ended games and being a Grand Strategy RPG, oh, and it is the best Game of Thrones game around, if you are willing to download a mod) and LA Noire (As much as I loved this game I don’t think history will judge it very well.  
Well I haven’t made too many excuses here because really I don’t need to justify my decisions, it’s just my preference.

Well that’s my favourite games, some 2,000 words worth over 3 weeks I hope you know a bit more about what I like and what resonates with me which I do believe influences reviews and general opinions on games. What would like to have seen up there? What did I miss? Is my list comparable to your tastes or way out there?

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