Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Number 2: Diablo 2

There has always been a soft spot for Blizzard games for me add to that that I have been enamoured with Diablo since I clicked on that first demon. It’s not a sophisticated game that is for sure, click to move and attack, right click to cast a spell. That’s really all there is to it.
Apart from this there is a heavy amount of looting, in fact this is what makes the game so compelling in the first place. Arguably it’s the loot that drives the player not the clicking of the demons and it’s hard not to agree. There is always the temptation that the next great piece of loot is just around the corner, and more often than not something is.
The RPG nature of the game gives you many different skill paths to follow, sure you’ll be doing exactly the same quests over and over the more you lay through it, but how you play the game is different almost every single character you create. There is a great joy in uncovering new skills and finding builds that suit your playstyle.
The graphics at the time we spectacular, although they have aged fairly quickly and look nowhere near as sharp as some other games of that era even.
The cutscenes, although pre-rendered were so excellent you couldn’t help but be drawn in from frame one of the game. The story is fairly basic, you’re chasing the Lord of destruction as he traverses the countryside, taking you to many exotic locations trying to stop his reign of terror.
As you might expect there is a lot to kill maim and destroy as you move from place to place.
This game is one that since its release has constantly drawn me back into it, every couple of years I will pop the game back in the computer and have a go at looting and clicking. For such a simple game, that doesn’t have a particularly strong story to keep pulling me in it is a special game indeed.

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