Monday, September 24, 2012

THE Countdown

I’ve been pretty loath to do countdown blogs, generally, as I think they are essentially a bit of a time waster but I’ve decided that I should lay down my top 11 games  ever so readers can get an idea of where my gaming roots are from and it seems like a topic that comes up on fairly regularly. Why eleven you ask? Well gotta do something to be different.

I don’t claim to have played every game but these are the games I have played and loved, the games that have impacted me and these are my own choices, no correspondence will be entered into.

I have tried to limit myself to one game from each series, as it would be a little bland if my top 4 games were all Grand Theft Auto games (they wouldn’t have been but just an example).

First I apologise to Half-Life fans I can guarantee neither in the series will make the list. The first one gave me motion sickness and I was just never interested enough in the second one (despite owning the Orange Box).

There have been so many games in my time that as much as I want to include them I just can’t. There may even be a follow up with the many apologies that I have to give for omitting games, further than the Half-Life series.

I will attempt to give a short review of each along with a brief history on how it affected me or why I love the game so much but these are not ‘true’ reviews as such.

Unlike a lot of my other blog posts I will try and keep this list bloat free…but best laid plans and all that.
Stay tuned for more soon.

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